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Bacco Brown Zidane Men's Loafer Bucci

Product Description

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Brown Men's Bacco Loafer Zidane Bucci

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Product Description

Sunnytech CAT 7 S-FTP PiMF installation cable 500FT, raw, AWG 23/1, LSZH, 1000MHz, Color Grey 1000ft drum

4 x 2 x AWG23 S-FTP CAT7 1000MHz LSZH, installation cable


Best performance and link quality for your network

  • Basic conductor: solid AWG 23/1; bare annealed copper 0.57mm nom
  • Insulation: SFS-PO
  • Bucci Bacco Zidane Loafer Brown Men's Total number of insulated conductors: 8, twisted in 4 pairs
  • Color code: blue-white, orange-white, green-white, brown-white
  • Individual pair shielding: aluminum foil, providing 100% coverage
  • Overall shielding: tin-coated copper wire braid, 35% nom. coverage
  • Outer jacket: low-smoke, zero-halogen, flame retardant, non corrosive compound for indoor use
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  • Outer jacket, thickness: 0.6mm nom.
  • Color: orange (RAL 2000)
  • Overall diameter: 7.5mm nom.
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  • Copper (kg/km): 28
  • Bending radius: dynamic 8 x D mm min, static 4 x D mm min
  • Storage temperature: -20°C - +75°C
  • Temperature range for installations: 0°C - +50°C
  • Temperature range in operation: -20°C - +60°C
  • Flame tests: IEC 60332-1 (fire), IEC 60754 (gas), IEC 61034 (smoke)
  • Tensile loading: 150N max.
  • Caloric value: 650KJ/m
  • Total weight: 68kg/km nom.
  • Mean impedance: 100±5Ohm at 1MHz - 600MHz
  • Vp: 75%-77% nom.
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  • Capacitance: 40pF/m nom. at 1KHz
  • Capacitance unbalance to ground: 1.6 pF/m max. at 1KHz
  • Insulation resistance: 0.5GOhm*Km min.
  • DC resistance: 72 Ohm/km max. (2% max. resistance unbalance)
  • DC loop resistance: 147Ohm/Km max. (2% max. resistance unbalance)
  • Voltage resistance: 72Vdc max.
  • Brown Loafer Zidane Bacco Bucci Men's Coupling attenuation: 85dB min. at 30MHz - 100MHz, 82-20Log(f/100)dB min. at 100MHz - 1000MHz
  • PS-ANEXT loss: 92.5-15Log(f)dB min. at 1MHz - 600MHz (67dB max.)
  • PS-AACRF: 78.2-20Log(f)dB min. at 1MHz - 600MHz (67dB max.)
  • Phase delay: 534+36/f½ nS/100m max. at f=1MHz - 1000MHz
  • Delay skew: 25nS/100m max.
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Men's Zidane Bucci Loafer Brown Bacco

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