Old Slipsole Shoes red 40 Embroidered Beijing Cloth RRwqax1PTn

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Old Beijing red Shoes Embroidered Cloth Slipsole 40

Product Description

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Cloth Beijing Embroidered Shoes 40 Slipsole red Old

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Product Description

Sunnytech CAT 7 S-FTP PiMF installation cable 500FT, raw, AWG 23/1, LSZH, 1000MHz, Color Grey 1000ft drum

4 x 2 x AWG23 S-FTP CAT7 1000MHz LSZH, installation cable


Best performance and link quality for your network

  • Basic conductor: solid AWG 23/1; bare annealed copper 0.57mm nom
  • Insulation: SFS-PO
  • Old Slipsole Cloth Shoes Embroidered 40 red Beijing Total number of insulated conductors: 8, twisted in 4 pairs
  • Color code: blue-white, orange-white, green-white, brown-white
  • Individual pair shielding: aluminum foil, providing 100% coverage
  • Overall shielding: tin-coated copper wire braid, 35% nom. coverage
  • Outer jacket: low-smoke, zero-halogen, flame retardant, non corrosive compound for indoor use
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  • Outer jacket, thickness: 0.6mm nom.
  • Color: orange (RAL 2000)
  • Overall diameter: 7.5mm nom.
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  • Copper (kg/km): 28
  • Bending radius: dynamic 8 x D mm min, static 4 x D mm min
  • Storage temperature: -20°C - +75°C
  • Temperature range for installations: 0°C - +50°C
  • Temperature range in operation: -20°C - +60°C
  • Flame tests: IEC 60332-1 (fire), IEC 60754 (gas), IEC 61034 (smoke)
  • Tensile loading: 150N max.
  • Caloric value: 650KJ/m
  • Total weight: 68kg/km nom.
  • Mean impedance: 100±5Ohm at 1MHz - 600MHz
  • Vp: 75%-77% nom.
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  • Capacitance: 40pF/m nom. at 1KHz
  • Capacitance unbalance to ground: 1.6 pF/m max. at 1KHz
  • Insulation resistance: 0.5GOhm*Km min.
  • DC resistance: 72 Ohm/km max. (2% max. resistance unbalance)
  • DC loop resistance: 147Ohm/Km max. (2% max. resistance unbalance)
  • Voltage resistance: 72Vdc max.
  • Slipsole 40 Beijing Cloth Old Embroidered Shoes red Coupling attenuation: 85dB min. at 30MHz - 100MHz, 82-20Log(f/100)dB min. at 100MHz - 1000MHz
  • PS-ANEXT loss: 92.5-15Log(f)dB min. at 1MHz - 600MHz (67dB max.)
  • PS-AACRF: 78.2-20Log(f)dB min. at 1MHz - 600MHz (67dB max.)
  • Phase delay: 534+36/f½ nS/100m max. at f=1MHz - 1000MHz
  • Delay skew: 25nS/100m max.
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Old Slipsole Cloth red 40 Beijing Embroidered Shoes

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Old Slipsole Shoes red 40 Embroidered Beijing Cloth RRwqax1PTn Old Slipsole Shoes red 40 Embroidered Beijing Cloth RRwqax1PTn Old Slipsole Shoes red 40 Embroidered Beijing Cloth RRwqax1PTn Old Slipsole Shoes red 40 Embroidered Beijing Cloth RRwqax1PTn